Castella Imports


Castella Pepperoncini (Salonica Peppers) are imported and have a crispy texture with a slightly hot flavor.

Serving Tips:
Serve on sandwiches or any relish platter. Great for salads and pasta dishes.

Refrigerate after opening.
Product Specifications
SKU CaseCode Brand Pack Size Notes Shelf Life Packaging Nutrition Kosher
JAR190107 75014425595 Castella 12 / 12OZ 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR190107
nutrition information for: JAR190107
JAR190117 75014425605 Castella 12 / 24OZ 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR190117
nutrition information for: JAR190117
JAR190142 75014425630 Castella 4 / 1GL 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR190142
nutrition information for: JAR190142
JAR190162 75014425640 Castella 1 / 5GL 2 years Pail
SKU: JAR190162
nutrition information for: JAR190162