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Coriander Whole

Coriander tastes sweet and peppery at the same time, and its smell is reminiscent of orange peel. Coriander is delicious in curries, chutneys, vegetables, and meat and poultry dishes.

Serving Tips:
Commonly used in Indian cuisine, especially for curry powders. Coriander is used in pickling spices. Use in chutneys, particularly those with green tomatoes. Add to tomato or bechamel sauces.

Store in a cool, dry place.
Product Specifications
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SPC031608 75014403305 Castella 12 / 4OZ 3 years Jar
SKU: SPC031608
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SPC031628 75014403306 Castella 12 / 11OZ 3 years Jar
SKU: SPC031628
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