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Tahini is made of hulled sesame seeds that have been roasted and ground into a delicious paste. This spread can also be used as a healthy alternative to butter and margarine on bread and toast. It is known to be rich in protein. Castella Tahini is compounded well to achieve a more even texture throughout.

Serving Tips:
Use as a spread on bread or toast. Healthy alternative to butter. Essential ingredient in hummus or Baba Ghanouj and incorporated into many Middle Eastern dishes.

Refrigerate after opening.
Product Specifications
SKU CaseCode Brand Pack Size Notes Shelf Life Packaging Nutrition Kosher
JAR200103 75014425695 Castella 12 / 12OZ 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR200103
nutrition information for: JAR200103
JAR200113 75014425705 Castella 12 / 24OZ 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR200113
nutrition information for: JAR200113
JAR200128 75014425715 Castella 4 / 1GL 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR200128
nutrition information for: JAR200128
JAR200153 75014425720 Castella 1 / 40LB 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR200153
nutrition information for: JAR200153