Castella Imports

Lupini Beans

Castella Lupini Beans are ready to use right out of the jar. Before eating, the outer shell may be removed. They are packed in water, salt and preservatives.

Serving Tips:
Typical Southern European snack along with a beer. Great as a snack or added to a salad.

Refrigerate after opening.
Product Specifications
SKU CaseCode Brand Pack Size Notes Shelf Life Packaging Nutrition Kosher
JAR122106 75014452990 Castella 12 / 12OZ 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR122106
nutrition information for: JAR122106
JAR122121 75014425305 Castella 12 / 24OZ 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR122121
nutrition information for: JAR122121
JAR122156 75014425335 Castella 1 / 25KG 2 years Jar
SKU: JAR122156
nutrition information for: JAR122156