Castella Imports

Pomegranate Juice

Best pomegranates: WONDERFUL and AKO. Best place to find them: SERRES region of Northern Greece. We got them! And they all are juiced within 24 hours of being picked. And they are so good! The WONDERFUL fruit gives us the deep red colour and the rich anti-oxidant action that we crave. But we balance this tasty treat with the oh so sweet AKO pomegranates. We SQUEEZE our fruit without adding or removing any substance, so you get all the natural quality and flavour, not to mention, the health benefits!

Non GMO. No Sugar Added. 100% All Natural.

Keep Refrigerated.

Shelf Life:
6 months.
Product Specifications
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BEV192016 8504900602 Castella 12 13.5oz Stivo Brand Bottle