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Kefalograviera is similar to Kefalotyri, but slightly softer and less salty. This cheese is a happy medium between Kaseri and Kefalotyri, and is often used for the Greek appetizer, Saganaki.

Serving Tips:
Kefalograviera makes an excellent appetizer and works great with pasta. Holds up well when grilled or fried.

Keep refrigerated
Product Specifications
SKU CaseCode Brand Pack Size Notes Shelf Life Packaging Nutrition Kosher
CHS110516 75014412029 Castella 12 / 200g 1 year Case
SKU: CHS110516
nutrition information for: CHS110516
CHS110526 1005014412003 Castella 20 / 1KG 180 days Case
SKU: CHS110526
nutrition information for: CHS110526
CHS110536 1005014412000 Castella 2 / 10KG 180 days Case
SKU: CHS110536
nutrition information for: CHS110536