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Kaseri Cheese

Kaseri is a versatile Greek cheese made from sheep's milk with a pale yellow color and smooth texture. Castella's Kaseri Cheese is slightly tart in taste with underlying hints of sweetness.

Serving Tips:
Semi-hard and slightly crumbly, Kaseri is a great complement to fresh fruits, raw vegetables, olives, and bread. Kaseri has a cheddar-like texture that is perfect for grating. It also holds up well when grilled or fried.

Keep refrigerated.
Product Specifications
SKU CaseCode Brand Pack Size Notes Shelf Life Packaging Nutrition Kosher
CHS110124 75014411575 Divanis 20 / 1KG 2 years Case
SKU: CHS110124
nutrition information for: CHS110124
CHS110159 75014411590 Divanis 3 / 18LB 2 years Case
SKU: CHS110159
nutrition information for: CHS110159
CHS110189 75014411625 Divanis 9 / 3KG SQUARE 2 years Case
SKU: CHS110189
nutrition information for: CHS110189
CHS110190 75014410190 Castella 12 / 250g SQUARE 2 years Case
SKU: CHS110190
nutrition information for: CHS110190
CHS110198 75014411628 Castella 1 / 5LB WEDGES 9 months Case
SKU: CHS110198
nutrition information for: CHS110198